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  Courses are for suitable for all levels but are for job seekers,   allowance claimants, income support claimants, employment support   allowance claimants, incapacity benefit claimants, people claiming   Universal Credit, and people in low paid or temporary work only.   
Green Skills Employability Courses Various dates 
Foraging Walks new dates coming in May 2024 Mindful nature walk where you can learn foraging skills including safe identification of plants and fungi,  how to process foraged goods, herbal medicine growing, foraging and processing. Whether you're a curious beginner or a seasoned explorer of the outdoors, this course offers a  comprehensive and engaging introduction to fungi and tree identification. Our knowledgeable instructor, Ladislav, will guide you through an immersive learning journey that combines theory with practical application. During the course you will learn how to identify edible, poisonous, and unique mushrooms using key characteristics. Understand the ecological factors and habitats that foster different mushroom growth. Develop essential safety guidelines to ensure responsible foraging. Connect with fellow enthusiasts and share experiences in a vibrant learning community. To register your place on the course please complete the following form here Mushroom Growing and Biomaterials New dates coming in February       Find out how to grow your own delicious edible mushrooms at home! The course runs over 4 days and it consists of theoretical and practical parts. The main topics of the course include Fungi and their life cycle, Common growing techniques, growing mediums and their prep, cloning and transfer techniques, log cultivation, Introduction to mycelium based materials. Participants can make their own mushroom bags to take home. New dates coming soon! To book a place on this course click here.           more information For any more information please email or call 0161 465 6954.